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In 2010 we started an on-going project to deliver brand identity and brand strategy support to agencies, brand owners and managers. The work has evolved in to a multi-channel consultancy projects comprising of brand process primers and work books, workshops, online meetings.

Quickly adopted by several local authorities and Universities, the project continues to be informed by hundreds of interviews, workshops and round table meetings with small and medium sized businesses. 

    Our philosophy is to deliver solutions requiring the minimum amount of investment in time, money and resources whilst delivering the maximum impact, 

    • Supporting change,

    • Strengthening customer relationships,

    • Driving revenue through cohesive branded communications,

    • Improving internal culture,

    • Building brand equity.

    The work focusses on immediately applicable solutions to building and developing the core brand pillars through unique processes and methodology.
    We help you to start making a real difference from day one by improving brand factors such as:

    • Recognition
    • Authentication
    • Positioning
    • Differentiation
    • Authentic expression
    • Creative briefing
    • Critical thinking—being on-brand

    A range of unique sessions

    Uclan lecture

    Entry level

    For sole traders, small start up companies.
    Half day and one day.

    Committing to think through your brand basics not just engaging with the process but fully adopting the purpose for it – a thriving business.

    • Adopting brand thinking as an integral part of your business processes.

    • Brand phases. How to prepare your team (yourself).

    • Understanding phase outcomes.

    • Knowing the tasks.

    • Making decisions.

    • Being creative while staying on-task.

    Management level

    For small businesses, start ups, organisations.
    Half day and one day.

    The sessions have been created with the main objective of equipping you to be able to diagnose, intervene, brief, analyse and create on-brand decision making.

    • Total immersion brand thinking

    • Total immersion brand value manifests in time saving, cost saving and resource maximisation.

    • Its primary function is to create cohesive, clear and consistent communications (internal and external)

    • Sessions that create interactions between you and your brand which may provide you with insight, intelligence, analysis, illuminations, revelation, confirmation, affirmation, disruption, confusion, elation.


    For design agencies and marketing teams.
    Half day and one day.

    Process, practice and thinking methods, devices and tools.

    • 8 phase process

    • Context mapping,

    • Brand matrix, strategic planning

    • ID system templates, implementation and guardianship

    • Creative thinking—on brand

    • Critical thinking—on brand

    • Creative briefs

    Business Students

    For business students.
    Half day and one day.

    Workshops enabling graduates to engage with the ideas underpinning brand processes, brand value and branding communications as a means of creativity and innovation.

    • Achieving self fulfilment and empowerment within branded organisations.

    • Confidence with creative briefs as managers and working with creative professionals on sales materials, PR, advertising, marketing and etc.

    • Understanding what a brand culture is and how change enablement can be made through brand communications.

    • Understanding the importance of brand value for entrepreneurs, inventors, developers and managers.

    • How to read a brand for advantage as a part of the recruitment process – demonstrating an understanding of potential employer’s brand.

    Uclan lecture

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