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Solport Publications

[Quadrat] working title
Over the coming year the Journal will feature 256 ideas extracted from lectures, symposiums, workshops chosen from hundreds of interactions with brand owners, brand managers, agencies and entrepreneurs using the four mindsets approach to creative and critical thinking. From the body of work 128 will be refined and expanded bringing them together in to a single publication around the eight themes:

01. Brand identity systems
02. An 8 phase process
03. Process as blueprint
04. Process as concept
05. Words
06. Sensory
07. Systems
08. P.I.E.S. Critical creative thinking


Four Quarterlies
Solport will publish a series of four books across a single theme each year as a response to a working life in Brand Identity System design.

Series 1. 2022.
The Four Point Circle. Creative and critical thinking abstracted.

01. JFM
TypoLandscapes. Words.
Brains and Hormones. Devicons.

02. AMJ
Colour. Statements.
Triggers. There&Back.

03. JAS
Geometry. Stories.
Adopted personae. Phunch et JooDee.

Grids,Poetry, Frame, #Cult_Cons.

Solport Sessions

A programme of  online evening sessions are planned for later in the year.


A C17 century farmhouse and barns located in rural North Cumbria. The barn conversion will provide residential accommodation for clients and a creative retreat for visitors.

Situated in its own grounds next to an ancient beck and woodland. The farm is mentioned in early records of the area. As well as being a working farm it was a land drain manufacturer. A water wheel in the beck used to pump water to local fields and farms including a private cinema in a henhouse a mile away.