From over twenty years practical experience and an increasingly passionate belief that the branding process offers businesses a safe space to innovate mission and vision, I deliver workplace ‘Happenings’, Brandscape workshops (call them what you will) they are sessions designed to be soulful and imaginative, challenging and productive, dynamic and participatory. Constantly evolving, they are practical ways for people at work to engage with, share and generate new ideas.

The sessions show businesses how to create their own brand-spaces where they can explore their individual identity and progress their collective purpose. These brand-spaces set a safe context in which people access and apply their imagination and harness their skills to drive internal cultural change, brand engagement and brand adoption through innovative activities. They are enabled by simple practices, basic processes and collaborative protocols. Embracing the fact that any individual activity will be a tiny part of a much bigger communications ecosystem. Promoting collaboration, shared idea exploration and joined up thinking. Changing models of innovation, production, ownership, and equality of access, with an emphasis on envisioning positive future models. They deliver instant benefits and, once learnt, become life skills.

Whether the business is multi national or sole trader, it’s the same purpose; helping people to, find their authentic voice and to develop belief in their brand expression, exploring how to change behaviours and attitudes to creative processes and find the confidence to manage brand.

Clients come to me because I have developed exciting, robust processes for teasing out the fundamentals, for finding purpose, direction and authentic brand expression rooted in their particular context and the needs of their audiences. If I’m known for one thing, it’s my ability to cut through the noise to help people understand big ideas. I’ve done it within enterprise organisations, SMEs and sole traders.